Lima, Peru

A little more than ago week ago I’ve been traveling, and this time, the location was Lima, the capital of Peru.

So let me show you some of the things I did there.

Day 1

I landed on saturday and a mini van was there waiting for me, it drive me to the hotel that was in Miraflores, I left my stuff in the room and I explored the neighborhood, and after that I have dinner in the hotel and went to sleep.

Day 2

The hotel were I was staying was near an archeological site, so I had to go check it out.

The Huaca Pucllana. It was crazy seen how ancient people builded those pyramids and still beem there. Also there were the squares where they did sacrifises and some tombs as well.

The guide said that the site was bigger, but was demolished to build houses and appartments, so those people actually live on and indian cementery.
After the Huaca I went for lunch and I rest a while near the pool.

After that I went back by foot walking through the malecon and without noticing I passes through the love park.
Day 3

The next day I went to the center, I saw the cathedral, the museum next to it and the San Francisco church with the catacombs.

It was a full building underneath the church where they used to buried the people, it had also some tunnels that are thought to be connectes with the goverment palace.
It was a place full of stories!

After that in the evening I went to buy some akbums to my brother, he asked me to buy Peruvian Heavy Metal, he sent me to a gallery full of metalheads, but thy were so friemdly and helped me to get his albums amd some recommendations, if you are imto it, check out Metal Crucifier, they are good!
Day 4 

That morning was more calmed, I stayed near the pool after breakfast and then had lunch in the hotel.

At the evening I had a tour programmed.

They took me to the Larco museum first, the building was so beautiful full of flowers and plants all over it!

The museum had a big collection of thugs made by the people there even before the Incas, wi ch is crazy because everyone knows the Inca civilization but no-one knows what happened before.

After the museum we went to a tavern to try a topical sandwich the butifarra, it was so tasty! And the tavern so beautiful.

And to after the meal, the tour finished with the magic waters or dancing waters, it was in a park full of water fonts and the biggest one has a show with lights.

And that was my holidays in Lima, the next day I had to travel back so I didn’t had time to do anything.

I hope you liked my little resume, and If you want to see more you can check it out my youtube channel, I uploaded a video showing the things I did!
Thanks for reading!






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