Concert: Guns N’ Roses

Hello everybody! As you may know the past 29th of October was Guns N’ Roses concert, with the tour  Not in this life time” the one that caused a lot of expectation because the band hadn’t play together in 24 years.


Many of the fans that were there were reliving the concert of 1992 or was a revenge because they couldn’t be there, that was the reason of my brothers they were 6 and 9 years old at that time (of course, I wasn’t even born yet) that’s why they get their inside kid came out and relive their old concerts, been early at the stadium and wait until the doors are open, that’s how we where outside at the National Stadium at 12.00.


We made a little “roof” for the sun, we ordered pizza and wait really long time, and in the meanwhile we got more and more anxious, we made jokes with the other ones that were there too, even the guard gave us biscuits while We were waiting, that’s how at 16.00 / 16.30 the doors where open, my brothers ran to get a spot on the grid, I walked there and used the spot they saved for me. And the last thing we had to do was waiting for the show.


The opening band pass without pain and glory, and there was little left for the Guns, when it was nine o’clock, everyone was wondering if theywill came out at time, when no more than 21.10 sounds the theme song of the Looney Toons, we all knew what would happen at the end of that. And that’s how it started. It’s so easy, everyone became crazy screaming and chanting, that long wait that for some was 24 years and for others all their life, it was over.


Next Mr. Brownstone and Chinese Democracy everyone was a bit more relaxed when started the intro of one of the most waited songs, that’s right, Welcome to the Jungle, again everyone became crazy, chanting such a song. Double Talkin’ Jive, Better, were next, and then they continued with Estranged, we couldn’t stop beeing nostalgic in that moment, even a security guard was chanting the song and was looking back every once in a while.


Then was the classic cover Live and let die, then Rocket Queen, and then they continued with one of the most known  You could be mine. Everyone was too excited, it was already two hours of show and it didn’t seemed to end.

New Rose, This I Love, Civil War, Coma, all these shouted and chanted, to then give space to Slash’s solo.


That at the end, of course, it became the intro of Sweet Child O’mine, one of the others most waited songs, at the end they continued with the solo of Wish you were here to then give space to a piano solo performed by Axl, that of course everyone knew what was next: November Rain, after that power ballad they continued with a really energic cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s door, and finifhed with Nightrain.


But we all knew that the encore was next, they didn’t took a lot of time before they came out again. In Peru and after in Argentina they played  Patience as the beginning of the encore but in here they made a difference with Don’t Cry, in that moment absolutely everyone were excited chanting the song, then they continued with  The Seeker and of course Paradise City. In that moment the excitement was everywhere.

I personally couldn’t believe that I was there, when I was a child I used to watch their videos and thought “must be awesome be in one of their concerts” when I knew that the band wasn’t as I discovered I knew that was impossible to see them live as I dreamed. My brothers were fans of the band when they were kids and when they couldn’t be at the concert in 1992, they got appart from the band.

But definitely been there was paying the debt that many people had with the rock .


Without hesitating I can say that this definitely was the show of the year, and definitely this year was an amazing year of concerts, giving me back many memories and listening to the bands I had huge obssesions when I was a child.






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