Concert: Aerosmith

Hello everybody! This past sunday was Aerosmith’s concert in Chile!


I was super excited, if someone ever asks me I have 3 favourites bands and Aersomith is for sure one of these, this was the first band I listen to when I was a child (10 years old) and of course, the first I got obssesed with.

In 2010 they came to Chile and I was there, I couldn’t believe it, 6 years later they announced another show and this time it is said that was the last one. Since that moment I only wanted to get the day of the show.


October 2nd, the day didn’t start really well, I got a really bad news, but anyway I was going to the show, I wanted to distract and I was looking foward to this. The first band came out, and the only feeling they gave me was impatience, not many people pay attention to them, they only made everyone wish more and more that Aerosmith’s show begins.

Until lights went off and finally the show I was waiting since the beguining of the year was starting.


It was a show full with the 70’s classics of this “Bad boys of Boston”.

In this ocation was at the Movistar Arena, and I was in a side of the gallery, I have to say that is way better in the pit, but anyway I shouted all the songs and cried some ones too, the feels won, the little 13 years old girl who was seen her favourite band for the first time came out of me at that moment.



Even though the crowd was a bit too lazy, I enjoyed the show to the fulest, was the perfect complement of the concert of 2010 with this one, with songs like  Dude, looks like a lady, Rats in the Cellar and Same ol’ song and dance, I feel like I had the luck of listen to that amazing classics live.

I only hope that this wasn’t the end for real, it’s already a fact that they are playing at Rock in Rio 2017 and there was a rumour that they will be back next year, I hope that it’s real and I will start to collect the money to be in pit this time.


I was totally shocked for the vitallity that they have, they all pass the 60 years old and have such energy to be dancing, screaming and singing on stage.



This year was a great year, talking about music, I had the chance to see two of my favourites band live and many others I like since I’m a child, but definitely with Aerosmith evrything begun and was amazing see them for the second time.






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