Concert: Scorpions + Whitesnake

Hello everybody! Yesterday, thusday 13rd was Scorpions’ show.


It was awesome, was at the “Movistar Arena”, it has capacidty for 16000 people and you can see everything, I had the ticket for the pit, but we could pass to vip section, the good part is that you literally can watch evrything perfect and the screens helps to make it better.


 Scorpions is a band that has 50 years of career, Klaus, the singer, is 68 years old and you can’t even notice it, everyone plays impeccable and still singing amazing,even better than other artists that are younger than them.


Something that I really enjoyed was how energic was Rudolph (at the left), he was running over and over to the runway and moved with the rhytm of his own guitar, he was so enthusiastic that made you felt even more energic and happy!


Well, in this occassion they were with their new member, Mikkey Dee, former Motorhead’s drummer, What a closest man! He was talking to the public at every moment, it was obvious that he was really happy in the band.

Also Scorpions weren’t alone, they played with Whitesnake.


What can I say about them, made me feel so nostalgic, I like Whitesnake since I’m a child, and I have a little issue, anything can just like me, I get obssesed, and when I was a child I was super obssesed with this band, so when I knew that they were playing with Scorpions I knew I couldn’t miss it.

When we got to the Arena the show has already started, we arrived at the half of Love ain´t no stranger, that was the second song they were playing, thanks god I didn’t miss that much.


I shouted all Whitesnake’s show, so while we were waiting for Scorpions I didn’t speak at all, so I could continue shouting and screaming, it was that much that in every video I recorded you can hear me, also when it was over a man told me “incredible your lungs, I was shouting and I couldn’t hear myself, I hear you more than me and I wasn’t even closer”. 

What else can I say?, I was listening my childhood. David Coverdale still been amazing with his 64 years old, and still having his amazing hair from his youth, maybe a bit less bigger but still.


Were two amazing shows and is definitely worth it see them live, I think that a good thing about the style of this band is that doesn’t matter if you are in the pit you still have your space, I was really close of the stage and I have space for breathing, no like in other concert that I had to rest in other person’s shoulders so I could see (but I have to admit that those concerts are one of the best).







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